• 4 Tips for Getting Startup Capital for Small Business

    Throughout the world, millions of people dream of starting their own businesses. The Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that 1.31 million new business applications were submitted in the second quarter of 2021.

    To get started, you need money, and there are a lot of opportunities to raise funds for a small business. If your company is a success, your revenue can be used to keep it that way and expand.

    In this article, you’ll read about the four best ways to get capital to start your business.

    1.    Saving Capital for New Business

    According to Forbes magazine, most startup founders save money independently to fund their new businesses.

    Raising money for a startup takes time, so don’t drain your bank account. Set aside enough living expenses to last you for at least a year. This is because many startups don’t become profitable until after 6 months.

    But try to save up some money to live on while your business is getting started.

    According to FreshBooks, small businesses can probably get by with three to six months of operating expenses in their bank accounts.

    The Small Business Administration (SBA) have some tips for saving up to start your small business, including:

    Reduce your credit card debt by calling your bank and asking for a lower interest rate.

    Set up monthly payments from your checking account to your savings account.

    Let go of any services you aren’t using like gym subscriptions or car-sharing memberships.

    2.    Personal Loans

    To avoid hurt feelings, talk over the details of a myinstantoffer personal loan with family and friends. Be clear about the amount needed, the interest rate and when repayment will begin.

    3.    Credit Card

    You have the option of using your personal credit card or getting a business credit card.

    Even if you have the option of using a credit card, do not choose this option lightly. Many credit cards have high interest rates that can increase your debt balance every month. You could end up with a debt much higher than planned for, which could make it difficult to start a new business.

    If you’re still thinking about using credit cards for your business, make sure you’re using the best card. Research well to find the right card for your business.

    4.    Bank Loans

    You will have to work hard for a small business loan; banks want to see great credit scores and airtight businesses plans.

    They may also encourage you to invest some of your own money in the business as proof that you’re dedicated to making your startup business work.

    You can choose to work with your personal bank, as they will already be familiar with your banking history. Or you can choose a bank that’s historically known for small business loans, such as an SBA-guaranteed lender.

    5.    Corporate Programs

    Some corporations, such as Goldman Sachs, have created programs to support small businesses (which might not be able to get financing at traditional lending institutions) with affordable loans.

  • Do I need a website to start an import/export business?

    No, you do not need a website to start an import/export business. To start a business, all you need is a connection, reliable connections you can trust.

    How to start Import / Export Business
    How to start Import / Export Business

    From your question, I tried to understand your psychology, and what I found out is that you have talked to many people and searched a lot on the internet and everywhere you got the same answer, the website is essential. But making a website and maintaining it is quite expensive, this very expensive and annoying part is bugging you.

    So, before I give you the solution to your problem, let me first explain to you how the website helps you in your business.

    In a nutshell, you can do import/export business without having a website, but the website definitely drives your business growth, but it also requires effort and money.

    Now here is a solution for your problem, we at Kalgudi provide all these things to our clients at no cost. Getting the dedicated page for your business, a higher position in search results, country, region, dealer network, brokers, carriers, warehouses, etc. of specific products, personalized news specific to your business and, finally, the maintenance of finances.

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    People like to read something about your company, and especially internationally a website is useful. See also How to make your business visible online in China?

    Stephen Meddy


    At first you do not need a website. In the beginning, you can make accounts on the trading platforms of Alibaba, Indiamart, Tradekey, etc. and concentrate on the products you want to import or export.

    Also focus on finding the buyer and the sellers.

    If your business is already up and running and generating steady income, yes, you should create a website.
    Webage is useful for two reasons.
    1. If you write your product and item descriptions well, it will bring you buyers and sellers (traffic) from Google search engine.
    2. It will improve your confidence and show that you are serious business.

    But for the beginning importer-exporter, I suggest starting out as an import-export agent.
    read my other answer on Quora:
    How do I get funds to start import export business?

    Also, if the people reading this answer are serious about starting their own import export business, then I can help.

    you can join my list below:

    P.S. I am creating a 100% practical and hands-on video course on how to start an import-export business from scratch.

    I also offer private coaching. If you are interested, join below:

    Business import and export: everything you need to know to get started


    Having a website for your business is great as it helps to get more clients, not only local clients but also foreign ones. The problem is that creating and promoting a website is time consuming and quite expensive. To save time and effort, you can register your business on various e-commerce sites. For example, if you sign up for the Export Portal, you get a custom page for your business and can use it as your little website. Using Export Portal you save your money and your time!

    Paul Ames

    You definitely need to establish an online presence. I once built a website with a custom platform for a distribution company that actually had a lot of clients and it was very easy to manage all the clients and actions.

    The benefits of being online…

    Costa Ban
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